Welcome to the CyberTruck Challenge

The CyberTruck Challenge is a premier event to bring together a community of interest related to heavy vehicle cybersecurity issues and develop talent to address those challenges.

Student working on a computer in the cab of a truck at the CyberTruck Challenge.
College students get hands-on opportunities to understand cybersecurity for heavy vehicles.

The next CyberTruck Challenge is by invite only and is scheduled to run from June 9-13, 2025 in Battle Creek, Michigan. Note the temporary venue change.

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2024 Summary

See the recap of 2024 to get an idea of what the CyberTruck Challenge is all about. In 2024, there were 45 students from 29 universities participating along with the majority of the industrial base for heavy vehicles.

The CyberTruck Challenge Class of 2024 at the Macomb Community College Sports & Expo Center

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