Welcome to the CyberTruck Challenge

The CyberTruck Challenge is a premier event to bring together a community of interest related to heavy vehicle cybersecurity issues and develop talent to address those challenges.

Plans for 2020

Save the Date for the 4th Annual CyberTruck Challenge
July 22-27, 2020 in Warren, MI

Please sign up by July 1st on the registration page to request an invitation. Students must decode a CAN log, answer two questions about our mission, and provide contact information for a professional reference.

2019 Recap

See the 2019 page for the sponsors, schedule, and photographs from the third annual CyberTruck Challenge.

The class of 2019 at the CyberTruck Challenge
The class of 2019 at the CyberTruck Challenge
The class of 2019 at the CyberTruck Challenge

Mailing List

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A presentation given by Karl Heimer to the AutoISAC in October 2019 featuring both the CyberTruck Challenge and the CyberAuto Challenge.

The CyberTruck Challenge Presentation from the Heavy Vehicle Cybersecurity meeting put on by the National Motor Freight Traffic Association, Inc. in May 2018.

CyberTruck Challenge 2019 is a presentation to the National Motor Freight Traffic Association in November 2018. It highlights the success from the 2018 event.

Sponsorship Information

Sponsor Information for the CyberTruck Challenge – details about the event and how you can support it.