We had great success this year growing the CyberTruck Challenge. We had over 90 participants and three sponsored trucks!

We are already planning for the CyberTruck Challenge in 2019. The dates will be the week of July 24th, 2019 at the Macomb Community College. We hope to see you again!

Event Photographs

These photographs were taken with the official event camera and reviewed by event staff to ensure no sensitive information is revealed. The images give you an idea of the event opportunities and atmosphere.

Sponsor Thank You!

If you see anyone from these organizations, pleas thank them for sponsoring the CyberTruck Challenge in 2018. The following sponsorship poster is available as a PDF.

Event Details

The event program from 2018 is available as a PDF

Training Days

There were two training days for the participants. Below is an example session where participants were engaged in learning about the heavy duty industry from Chris York at Cummins, Inc.

Assessment Days

After the introductory lectures, the students work under the guidance of mentors and industry professionals to perform cybersecurity assessments on actual truck systems. For most students, this is the first time they have been given an opportunity to work with a heavy vehicle.

Reporting Day

On the last day of the event, student teams present their findings to the Challenge. Only industry representatives are able to keep the results of the student assessment reports. All sensitive information was destroyed after the reports were given.