Students successfully working through hands-on assessments during the 2021 CyberTruck Challenge.

The fourth CyberTruck Challenge was much more than expected. Held in August of 2021, this was one of the first in-person events for many participants since the COVID-19 pandemic. By all accounts, the event was successful. Here’s a summary by the numbers:

39 students
21 sponsors
18 universities
10 instructors
8 student presentations
7 trucks
3 testbeds
1 trailer
0 students with out-of-pocket expenses

The generosity of our sponsors enable the subsidized student travel, all meals on-site, and modern tools to use for the instruction and assessment periods.


The schedule was tight. The first two days were dedicated to hands-on, instructor guided learning. The venue was setup with 2 lecture areas with a group A and a group B. This gives each group a smaller cohort to work through the exercises with and enable individual assistance from the instructors.

Once the guided instruction concluded Tuesday afternoon, 8 groups were assigned with some ideas of assessment targets. Each group had a mentor with a cybersecurity background and an industry sponsor who controlled access to the assessment platform. Some groups remained with their original assignments, while others found different targets of opportunity. In the end, students had a chance to present their findings to the participants. These presentations are not available, since participation at the CyberTruck Challenge is predicated on agreeing to the Non-Disclosure Agreement and Protocols.

Instructor Presentations

The presentations developed by the instructors are available here. These presentations should give you an idea of the content delivered at the CyberTruck Challenge. If your company would like to explore additional training, please contact the instructors directly to see if there are opportunities available. Instructors donate a lot of their time to help students and the CyberTruck Challenge. Keep in mind the CyberTruck Challenge is not a professional training organization; the mission is to develop student talent and create a community of interest.

The available instructor presentations are as follows:


All releasable event photos are available as a Sharepoint link where you can download the original resolution photos.

If you are participant of the CyberTruck Challenge and agreed to the NDA, please follow these communications protocols when sharing your experience.

Select photos are available in the gallery below: